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20 March 2017

Weekend guest: Joe Kals

Joe Kals, who was left paraplegic after an accident in 1982, looks back at his former feats and presents his future challenges. In 2012, he walked from Le Havre to Menton with the aid of orthoses and crutches. In 2014 he tackled the 1,665 steps of the Eiffel Tower, again using the principle of "pendular walking", using only the strength of his arms and abdominal muscles, balancing himself with his chest. Not forgetting the record he achieved at the Herculis meeting in Monaco in 2012, when he became the first paraplegic to cover a kilometre in 14 mins.30 seconds. He is now aiming to cross the United States, departing from New York in a southerly direction, when he will then head for Los Angeles. This required a year of preparation, daily work, a carefully planned diet and many restrictions. His objective is to be the paraplegic who gets able-bodied people walking. Joe Kals can already count on the support of the US Navy, which is directly affected by the issue of paraplegia. He hopes to receive as many donations as possible to undertake this project.

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