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19 April 2017

Diplomatic Conference in Monaco

Today, H.E. the Minister of State opened the Diplomatic Conference organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.  As every year, it is being held in the Principality for two days and brings together Monaco's entire Diplomatic Corps. 

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On the occasion of "this moment of reflection and discussion on the world and on the resulting diplomatic issues for Monaco," the Minister of State referred to the context of the news in his opening speech.  He also mentioned Monaco's place in this rapidly changing world and current major projects, before concluding, "At a time when our society, like all Western societies, sometimes questions its future and its openness, I hope to be able to count on you to spread this outlook, both here and elsewhere, which is essential for the world, for it is thus, by bringing alive and cultivating our openness, that we will be faithful to the Principality, its identity and dynamism, its history and its Princes." 

All the members of the Government then spoke on various topical issues.   

Tomorrow, other communications will address the European issue, the installation of new residents and new activities, as well as topics of interest to the Ambassadors.

The Conference will end at midday on Friday with speeches by the Ambassadors on subjects of their choice and a discussion between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the participants on the theme of communication.

Conférence diplomatique 2017

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