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Shooting photo Mr One Teas - Copyright - Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali
15 May 2017

Photo Shoot at the CHPG by the Monegasque Artist Anthony Alberti, alias "Mr One Teas" "A Breath of Positivity on the Construction Site"

On Thursday 11 May, in connection with construction work on the new hospital, Monegasque artist Anthony Alberti, alias "Mr One Teas" initiated a photo shoot at the Princess Grace Hospital.  This participative approach was instigated by the Prince's Government via the creation of an urban work that is intended to decorate the environment of the site while retaining a human aspect at the heart of the project.

Copyright - Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

"Positioning players from the hospital at the centre of the project, thus offering a breath of positivity and unification around the site" - Anthony Alberti has reflected this leitmotiv by creating a work that features those involved in the daily life of the hospital (staff, workers, patients and residents).  As in his work on the facade of the Ni-box in April 2016, which is unanimously appreciated in the city, the artist proposes to create portraits of all the volunteers, with the aim of producing an ephemeral urban work. 

Due to its complexity and its development on site, the construction site of the new hospital has certain constraints.  The staff of the CHPG and the Prince's Government are making efforts to minimise the impact of the work in and around the hospital, and these efforts are complemented by this artistic initiative, which is not just visual but, above all, brings people together. 

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