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03 October 2017

The Prince's Government Meets the Residents of the "Jardins d'Apolline"

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On Monday 2 October, the Minister of State, accompanied by Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, Rémy Rolland, Director of the State Property Authority, Olivier Lavagna, Director of Public Works, Albert Croesi, Head of Mission and Emmanuelle Nardo, Head of Division at the Department of Legal Affairs, met the residents of the "Jardins d'Apolline" to give an update on the measures initiated by the Government to address the unprecedented situation at this State-owned property complex.

After reminding those present that drinking water had been fully restored, Serge Telle addressed the three main topics of this meeting:

  • Rehousing:  appropriate solutions have been found in consultation with each of the residents.
  • Rehabilitation work will begin on 15 February 2018;  the Government has chosen to have recourse to a delegated project manager.
  • The State has initiated legal proceedings to enable the need for urgent completion of the work to be reconciled with the undertaking of an expert study on liability for claims by those affected.

The minister of State concluded by emphasising that, "Three months ago we were in the reaction phase.  I am pleased to note that we are now moving forward, and at a rapid pace."

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