What is Monaco Channel?

Monaco Channel is an online channel package which focusses on the Principality of Monaco. This channel package can be accessed from the following address:

Monaco Channel is accessible from all platforms (computers, smartphones, tablets, internet connected TV) and allows people, regardless of where they are in the world, to stay up to date with important players in the country, providing videos, live broadcasts, photo albums and important information by way of dispatches and Tweets. In addition, news channels will be provided so that people do not miss out on any of the high points of life in the Principality.

Who is behind Monaco Channel?

Monaco Channel is provided by the Prince's Government of Monaco The Prince's Government provides the technological expertise required and also deals with editorial co-ordination, in co-operation with the official partners of the channels which are broadcasted (please see legal notice).

This initiative is part of the government’s effort to establish new digital governance procedures using tools which bring the Principality closer to its public. For this reason, the Government has a channel in the package which it uses to inform people on the work of the government, provide information concerning services and establish connections with other tools such as its internet portal and its Twitter account @GvtMonaco.

Each channel is liable for the information broadcasted and the platforms supported in the package. However, the Monaco Channel reserves the right to make a final decision on what is broadcasted, in accordance with a detailed list of editorial and technical criteria.

Where do the images which are broadcasted come from?

Each channel is liable for the content they provide and is deemed to have the rights over this content. In addition, Monaco Info, the Principality’s television channel (accessible live and on demand from the package) often films reports and programmes covering the events which are organised by these channels. You can find these events on the different channels. Each video in the package is identified using the logo belonging to the channel which is providing the video.

Why are there not more channels?

Monaco currently provides 21 channels with one live 24/24 channel and is thus the only country to provide as many different sources of general interest noncommercial and apolitical information on one unique and universal platform.

The next step is to add to the existing collection of channels. Come back and visit often to get the most out of this content and soon you will be surprised to discover lots of new channels which are currently under preparation. We understand your impatience, but the selection criteria are strict, and we are taking things at our own pace to ensure optimum technical conditions as well as content which meets your expectations.

May Monaco Channel replace my normal sources of information?

No, and this is not our wish. Monaco Channel is an innovative platform designed to supplement your normal sources of information, which form part of an entirely irreplaceable mediascape. The information comes directly from the partners who manage the channels, thus incurring their liability. The channels on  Monaco Channel are not permitted to broadcast political opinions or commercial messages.

Last but not least, the aim of the Monaco Channel is not to replace the classic television channels which cover important events on the Principality’s calendar. Nevertheless, the channels in the package which are associated with these events will allow you to experience an insider’s view of these events, in addition to official broadcasts.

How do I optimise the signal quality on the Monaco Channel?

 In order to broadcast videos and access content when it is available in high definition, the best results will be achieved by connecting to broadband networks. If you are using a mobile device, take advantage of the available wifi hotspots. However, Monaco Channel is maximised when utilising mobile networks which are provided by telephone operators, and adapts to the bandwidth offered. Check that your contract allows you to use the internet (“data” option).

Your package is maximised when opening “lightweight” pages. Videos are stored on powerful servers provided by Youtube®. We have done everything possible to ensure that you can quickly access all content available. We thoroughly test all scenarios which may arise. Nonetheless, delays can occur during the technical stages between when we broadcast the information and when you receive the information, and we regret this as much as you do. These delays can be caused by difficulties on the internet itself, by your internet access provider, by problems in your coverage area or even occasionally by your own system or device.

How can I best use the Monaco Channel on my phone or my tablet and are there applications for the Monaco Channel for Android®, Windows®, iPhone® or iPad®?

Monaco Channel is a free package of universal content developed for all platforms and browsers which respect the most recent standards. Consequently, it is unnecessary to download a specific application since you can use the package by going to from your integrated web browser.

However, our teams have added a function which allows you to use Monaco Channel exactly as if it was an application you would have on an iPhone® or an iPad®. Launch Monaco Channel on Safari® (the “compass”). You will reach the package’s homepage. Click on the menu button (small arrow which comes out of a window, near the bookmarks at the top of the page on the ipad® and at the bottom of the page on the iphone®). Select “add to home screen” and wait for the icon to appear. You’re all done! Now, Monaco Channel is accessible at the touch of a finger from your telephone or tablet screen, without any useless commands or buttons appearing when you open the package (for a more detailed explanation, please see the photo below). If your browser freezes, restart the application.



On Android © smartphones and tablets, you can create a shortcut on your screen from the package’s homepage. This shortcut will display the logo of Monaco Channel. This way, you will be able to access your favourite site more easily (refer to the instructions for your device, as different brands have different ways of adding a shortcut on a page).

On Windows Phone© smartphones, you can add a “tile” for Monaco Channel on your home screen. Launch on Internet Explorer. Once the package has appeared, click on the three little visible lines near the browser bar and select “add to home screen”. You’re all done!

Do I need to update it?

You can of course update your browser, your operating system or your device in order to benefit from the latest web functionalities. As for your favourite channel package, everything is always up to date! As soon as you arrive on Monaco Channel, or on a page of one the channels, you will have access to the latest information and videos. Visit the website regularly, as new channels will soon be available and will be automatically accessible, especially during important events on the Principality’s calendar. 

Can I use the various components which are broadcasted on Monaco Channel?

In accordance with Monegasque and international legislation concerning, among other things, intellectual property, the channels ensure that they hold the broadcasting rights for the content which is broadcasted free of charge on the Monaco Channel. Use of these components is therefore strictly regulated. For more information, contact the channel directly or send us an email at

How can I watch Monaco Channel on my television?

Monaco Channel is above all an online service. The channel package is not offered by television operators in Monaco. However, if you have an “internet connected” TV, you can watch the videos from the package in high definition and on a big screen, using your home cinema’s sound system, if you have this equipment. All televisions which have a “youtube” function (please see your broadcaster’s menu or notice) can directly broadcast videos from Monaco Channel. In order to do this, do a search for the “Monaco Channel”, a specific subject or the name of the channels which offer the package. For all internet connected TVs which have an integrated browser, you can access the entire package by going to, on the condition that the browser on your internet connected TV respects all the most recent international internet standards. Quick reminder: don’t forget to connect your television to the internet!