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14 July 2020

Les Apprentis Collectionneurs 2020

Mark Dion

MMXII Camphor Cinnamomum Camphora Cape Town, 2012

Collection-rarities and Natural curiosities

Wood, marquetry, bark, text and plastic on paper and leaves

18 x 5 x 15 cm

Unique work

Courtesy of the artist and Galerie In Situ – Fabienne Leclerc, Paris

Launched in 2017, the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco’s “Les Apprentis Collectionneurs” (“Apprentice Collectors”) educational programme, which enjoys support from SOGEDA, aims to familiarise teenagers with contemporary art and the varied role of an art museum.

Now in its fourth year, the programme brought together, for the second time, final-year pupils taking art at both Lycée François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré and Lycée Albert I. Throughout the year, the pupils engaged in a series of meetings, discussions, visits and workshops.

Since the 5th artmonte-carlo exhibition of contemporary art was not held at the Grimaldi Forum this year, as it has been in previous years, an online catalogue was published and the pupils were invited to use this document to make their selections. They had a budget of €10,000.

The “Apprentice Collectors” put forward ten works to a jury made up of Marie-Claude Beaud, NMNM Director, Fabienne Grasser-Fulchéri, Director of the Espace de l’Art Concret national contemporary art centre in Mouans-Sartoux, and Björn Dahlström, who will take over from Marie-Claude Beaud in April 2021.

This year, the work selected was one by American artist Mark Dion: MMXII, Camphor Cinnamomum Camphora Cape Town, 2012 – a small cabinet of curiosities made from camphor wood. Several works by the artist, who designed the Océanomania exhibition at Villa Paloma and the Monaco Oceanographic Museum in 2011, have been acquired by the NMNM in recent years.

In previous years, the NMNM has added works by Andreas Angelidakis, Carsten Höller, Pierre Joseph, Miika Rottenberg and Xavier Theunis to its collection as a result of the programme.

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