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02 February 2022

Philosophical Encounters of Monaco - Conversation - “What are we playing? Dangers, risks and pleasures” - Friday 11 March 2022 – 6 p.m. – Théâtre Princesse Grace

On Friday 11 March 2022, Robert Maggiori, a founding member of the Philosophical Encounters of Monaco, will present a conversation at the Théâtre Princesse Grace on the theme “What are we playing? Dangers, risks and pleasures”. Philosopher Colas Duflo, sociologist Vinciane Zabban and psychologist Frédéric Tordo will debate the notion of “playing games”.

Where do we go when we pull out of the game? What exactly do we have when we have a good game? What does it mean to play with fire and what are we playing when we’re not playing the game? Games have the potential to divert us, just like a loose bike wheel with too much play can push us off the road. In general, though, once the chips are down, that doesn’t mean that no more bets can be placed. On the contrary, if the chips are down and the rules have been established, it is easy to say what they are, and there is no longer any confusion between belote and rummy, solitaire and sudoku, or Candy Crush and Cookie Crush.

You won’t have a good game if you have to focus on countless different types of game: word games, games of chance, skill and sleight-of-hand, cryptic, mathematical and cognitive games, throwing, fighting, racing and chasing games, treasure hunts, video games, board games, games requiring cooperation, patience and exploration... Each involves varying levels of competition, struggle (agon), rivalry, selfishness and altruism, mimicry, chance, an uncertain outcome, drama, imagination, creativity, intelligence, strength, dexterity, risk-taking, strategy, “intoxication”... And each, to varying degrees, arouses emotion and joy, hope and disappointment, joy and resentment, despondency, enthusiasm, exhilaration, a compulsion to play again, addiction...

Thus games, which bring into play almost all of the physical and mental abilities that humans – perhaps even animals – possess, lend themselves to many political, ideological, social, educational, philosophical, psychological and psychoanalytical approaches... But, going beyond the classifications, definitions, practical details, principles and functions of a game, is it possible to determine what “playing a game” really means?

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