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24 June 2020

Prince Pierre Foundation - Shortlist for High School Students’ Favourite Choice Award 2020

The jury, made up of Year 11 (Seconde) pupils from Lycée Albert I, Monaco’s Vocational and Catering School and Lycée FANB, has selected the shortlist of books for the High School Students’ Favourite Choice Award 2020.          

Last February, the pupils gathered for a literary tea to argue for the books that they felt should be included in the final selection, from among those put forward.

From the seven novels proposed, the following were chosen:

-             Ceux que je suis (Those That I Am) by Olivier Dorchamps

-             A crier dans les ruines (To Shout In The Ruins) by Alexandra Koszelyk

-             Le bal des folles (The Lunatics’ Ball) by Victoria Mas

-             Sale gosse (Little Brat) by Mathieu Palain

-             Une fille sans histoire (A Girl Without A Story) by Constance Rivière

With the shortlist for the High School Students’ Favourite Choice Award traditionally announced in April, this year the members of the jury presented their decision electronically.

In light of the exceptional circumstances, the pupils were not able to meet the authors, who are usually invited to the Principality. Only the winner, to be decided in September, will be there on 13 October 2020 to receive their prize during the Prince Pierre Foundation Award Ceremony. The pupils on the jury will thus have the opportunity to talk to the winner, reach a deeper understanding of the book and learn more about the author’s artistic world.

Created in 2007 in collaboration with the Department of Education, Youth and Sport, the High School Students’ Favourite Choice Award, given for a first novel, offers a €6,000 prize donated by the Princess Grace Foundation, which is presented during the award ceremony.

This is a truly educational project which aims to increase pupils’ awareness of contemporary literature and the world of publishing.

For more information: – (+377) 98 98 85 15

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