12 April 2021

6th Energy Transition Press Event

6è Rencontres de la transition énergétique ©Direction de la Communication – Stéphane Danna

The 6th Energy Transition Press Event was held on Thursday 8 April at the Agora Diocesan House. It was attended by Monseigneur Dominique-Marie David and Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development.

During the event, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia unveiled two new financial assistance schemes managed by the Mission for Energy Transition and introduced as part of the economic recovery plan, in addition to all those that are already in place. They are: energy transition support for companies, allowing them to develop zero-carbon strategies and obtain dedicated financial aid; and a call for exemplary building renovation projects, which will help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of such buildings by at least 50%.

The Monaco Diocese also confirmed its wish to be a committed actor in the energy transition by signing up to the National Pact.

In his speech, Monseigneur David referred to Pope Francis’s encyclical letter Laudato Si, recalling that nature is a gift that has been entrusted to humankind, whose duty it is to preserve it in order to “protect our common home”. He noted that the Pope had sounded the alarm on environmental and climate issues because “the human environment and the natural environment deteriorate together [...] it is all linked.”

Finally, Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition, noted that “several million euros have been made available to implement this recovery plan focused on the energy transition.” She then presented the four individuals who were honoured at the 6th Energy Transition Press Event:

- Ferxel Fourgon, Head of Protocol and Communications for the Diocese, highlighted the many actions that the Diocese had taken as part of the energy and digital transition, reducing paper printing, introducing information terminals at church entrances, installing LED lighting, insulating windows and roof spaces, installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of Sacré Cœur Church and Saint Nicolas Church, which is also the first green church, 100% self-sufficient in electricity.

- Claire Ferandier Sicard, who designed the ETYC training for yacht crews. Developed on the basis of ISO 14001, the purpose of this environmental management course is to educate, train, explain and find solutions to manage the environmental footprint of boats.

 - Ingrid de Bruyn, who presented the EatIn app, which makes it easier to access various delivery services in the Principality via a fleet of electric scooters.

 - Milena Cvijanovich, who presented Milena C. Design, which aims to design eco-friendly products for use in the interior design of yachts, hotels, businesses and homes, based on organic waste.

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