24 February 2020

Nexio: leveraging digital technology in support of energy transition

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Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, Thomas Battaglione, Director and CEO of SMEG, and Pierre Weill, Deployment Manager for Nexio, held a press conference at the Monte-Carlo Bay on Friday 21 February to present the Nexio universe, which comprises a new meter combined with a confidential, secure digital area.

“Nexio offers SMEG customers many advantages, especially in terms of the ability to track their consumption. This package benefits the consumer by giving them the option to monitor their electricity use more closely and, as a result, to take effective action to reduce the amount that they – and by extension the Principality – spend on energy,” explained Marie-Pierre Gramaglia.

The roll-out of the new meters will begin on 2 March. Installation will be free and take 30 minutes. In 90% of cases, users will not need to be present. The work will be carried out by teams from SMEG and two specialist Monegasque companies.  

The customer area, known as myNexio, has been designed as an interactive dashboard, enabling users to view or print their bills, obtain personalised advice, simulate their household’s energy consumption and analyse their usage to better manage their budget and energy profile – all from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

For more information, see: www.smeg.mc

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