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06 December 2018

43rd International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo - From the 17th to the 27th January 2019 - Press Release n° 2

The Festival of innovation and tradition!

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The famous Fontvieille ring, where the 43rd edition of the International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo will open on the 17th of January, is a place where there is constant innovation, as the circus continues to develop and transform, but it is also a place of tradition since it is the only way to guarantee harmonious and peaceful development.

As proof:

-          The Aliev troupe from Kazakhstan, who had already won a Silver Clown at the 35th Festival, will present a grand act with aerial acrobats on the theme of "Dante". Famous director and producer Alexandre Grimaïlo is the choreographer for this trapeze act which is both extremely elegant and technical!

-          Acrobatic Duo on Hoverboards (Segway): the young artiste Nazerke Merekekyzy, from Kazakhstan, has invented a new circus discipline as she and her partner Yoka Konyrbaeva audaciously balance on this new mode of transport: the hoverboard. As they roll around the ring the two young ladies manage incredible hand to hand balancing tricks that required over a year of training before being presented to the world for the very first time … in Monaco!

-          The Without Socks, a clown trio from Russia. They take us back to the almost forgotten art of entrée clowns. The three artistes, with very distinctive silhouettes, despite their young age, have managed to stand out and bring a breath of fresh air and modernity to entrée clown acts, which the Organising Committee is very proud to present in Monaco.

-          Finally, the Romany High School act, presented by Yuri Volodchenkov and the superb gypsy dancer Avelina Kvasova, will bring passion and delight to the big top. Apart from the strong connection between the rider and the horse called "Legion", the tricks performed by the two artistes make this act unforgettable!

More details of the acts will follow in our future press releases …


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