Cirque 0614


28 January 2016

5th New Generation Competition

30 January at 2.30 p.m. and 7 p.m. and 31 January at 3 p.m.


Eric Nondsen in the role of Monsieur Loyal

Baptiste Raffy in the role of Mini-Monsieur Loyal – Junior

With the participation of the "Piste d’Azur" Circus School

New Generation, a competition for young circus artistes of a maximum of 20 years of age, was established by Princess Stéphanie in 2012 with the support of Her daughter Pauline.  The performers are from circus families or have trained in circus schools.  They have attained a high level internationally and represent the future of the arts of the circus!



                                                       René Casselly Junior - Ponies (Germany)

Beau Sargent – Arial Display (England)

Clown Tonito Alexis (Germany)

The Contortionists of Mongolia

Leul & Nahom, The Icariens Duo (Ethiopia)

Sarah & Adriana Togni -Trapeze Duo (Italy)

Olesya Fedotova – Balancing Act (Russia)

Rene Casselly Junior and his Horses (Germany)

Clown Tonito Alexis (Germany)

Anneliese Nock – Giant Wheel (United States)



Cap Crew – Korean Plank (Hungary)

Clown Tonito Alexis

Charlotte and Nicolas – Hand to Hand (Monaco & Canada)

Alexandre Lichner – Trapeze (Spain)

Sarah Togni - Cyr Wheel (Italy)

Jeremy Gasser – (Switzerland)

Pas de deux by the Suining Acrobatic Troupe (China)

Trio to the Stars – Aerial Straps (Belarus)

Clown Tonito Alexis -

Annaliese Nock , Swinging Pole

René Casselly Junior.  Elephants & Horses


Grand Finale


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