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12 October 2022

Two Poles, One Common Future - Paula Kankannpää: Sea Ice in Polar Regions

In a series of short video interviews, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation together with its partners in The Polar Initiative - SCAR, IASC and the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco - invited polar scientists and specialists to give a voice to polar regions, calling for a greater protection of Arctic and Antarctic regions and for shedding a light on the benefit they represent for the Planet and Humanity.Paula Kankannpää, Director of the Arctic Centre in Finland and Vice-Rector of Research at the University of Lapland, explains the central role sea ice plays in Arctic and Antarctic regions as they "produce the food for the whole ecosystem in Arctic and Antarctic regions and therefore centralThe melting of sea ice is very worrying, because the consequence of it is loss of the species that depend on it. Visit for more information.

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