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30 March 2021

Monaco Statistics publishes all of its studies on the impact of the pandemic

Since the very beginning of the health crisis, Monaco Statistics has worked to assess the impact of COVID-19 and the measures taken to halt its spread on various key issues in the Principality.

This work offers a clear and objective overview of the health, economic and social situation in the country, and how this has changed since the pandemic began.

In carrying out its analysis and publishing its results, Monaco Statistics, led by Sophie Vincent, has pursued three aims:

-  offering a statistical insight into this unprecedented period;

-  measuring the real consequences of the crisis by comparing figures to those of previous years and exploring new areas;

-  supplying data to feed into thinking on how to manage the economic and health crisis.

The first report focuses on last spring. It presents the impact of the introduction and then easing of lockdown measures according to seven key themes: health and mortality data, the economy, employment, transport, the environment, early childhood and education, and security.

Following this initial assessment, work to collect and analyse information continued, allowing the organisation to track key indicators illustrating: the health situation, the profile of those falling ill, natality, mortality, the economy, employment, and strengthened provisions for total temporary layoff.

Finally, for as long as there is a need to monitor the situation, Monaco Statistics will now publish a monthly COVID-19 Impact Observatory, presenting the latest health figures and an overview of demographic data (natality and mortality). Each quarter, the Observatory will be supplemented with economic and social data.

By publishing this data, which Monaco Statistics has been able to discuss on a regular basis with Professor Pierre-André Chiappori, President of its Scientific Council, the institute is keen to share transparently and with as many people as possible the in-depth analysis that has been carried out using independent, professional techniques.

The report on the consequences of the COVID-19 health crisis, the addendum to it and the COVID-19 Impact Observatory are available to download from the website




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