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25 June 2021

"Monaco in Figures" – The 2021 Edition Has Just Been Published

Monaco Satistics has just published "Monaco in Figures," covering the year 2020.

This publication is a reference work that presents a statistical view of the Principality. It has special significance this year, as it also reflects the effects of the health and economic crisis on most of the subject areas represented.

Thus, for this edition, Monaco Statistics wished to add a section specifically devoted to COVID-19, which deals with the health aspect of the crisis and takes an in-depth look at its impact on the economy, employment, the hotel industry and events, in addition to the usual chapters, which also show these effects.

In total, seven sections, each devoted to a topic of importance for the Principality, are thus presented this year.

Finally, because it is essential to provide contextual aspects for a proper understanding and analysis of the data, and even more so in a time of crisis, a section recalling the key dates of the year 2020 with regard to the pandemic has also been included.

In parallel, other new features are also included in this publication:  hours worked in the private sector and temporary work, as well as activity indicators for the Monegasque Cyber Security Agency and the Office of the High Commissioner for the Protection of Human Rights, Freedom and Mediation, for example.

"Monaco in Figures," a statistical report on the past year, can be downloaded free of charge from the website and is also available for sale in its usual format from IMSEE, 9 Rue du Gabian (further information: 98 98 98 88/ It is complemented by a brochure entitled "Key Figures 2020," available in both French and English.

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