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12 March 2021

Recovery Plan: A New Subsidy to Support the 80 Responsible Traders and Restaurants and Further Develop the Network

Launched in Monaco by the Department of the Environment and the Ecoscience Provence association in 2017 and 2020 respectively, the number of members of the "Responsible Trader" and "Responsible Restaurant" certification scheme has grown steadily - to date, 80 or so establishments in the Principality have committed to this free, participation-based, ongoing approach to reducing waste, saving energy/water, promoting sustainable mobility and combating waste.

The Department of the Environment has thus published a review of the 2020 activity, with a breakdown of the number of professionals per sector, a reminder of the new 2020-2022 specifications and the underlying principles, details of the customised support offered by a dedicated team, and a review of the topics addressed and the activities implemented by the certified businesses.

To read this review, see:

To continue developing this certification, and in line with its objectives of reducing waste (particularly plastic waste) and greenhouse gas emissions, the Prince's Government has also decided to include a specific support measure for Responsible Traders and Responsible Restaurants in its Recovery Plan, with financial assistance ranging from EUR 3,000 to EUR 6,000.

Thus, an establishment that has been awarded "Responsible Trader" or "Responsible Restaurant" certification, by respecting and implementing several mandatory clauses, can claim this new subsidy by making additional commitments.  The extent of these commitments and any costs incurred will then determine the amount of the subsidy.

As explained, a professional wishing to sign up to the charter at the time of implementation of this system will be able to receive the subsidy, provided he or she adheres to all the basic clauses, as well as additional clauses, in the same way as those who already have the certification.

This measure is therefore both assistance to businesses and an incentive for their environmental transformation. 

Note that:

  • applications for financial support must be submitted before 31 May 2021;
  • as part of the "Zero Plastic Waste by 2030" objective, a bonus will be granted when a commitment is made to reduce waste at source. 

To apply for the Responsible Trader and Responsible Restaurant subsidy:

To obtain "Responsible Trader" certification:

To obtain "Responsible Restaurant" certification:

See our map showing the geolocation of Responsible Traders on "Your Monaco:"

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