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23 October 2017

“Moi(s) sans tabac” stop smoking campaign

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Launched in 2016, the Moi(s) sans tabac campaign, a collective stop smoking effort held during the month of November, is making a return in 2017.

In November 2017, there will therefore be another opportunity to urge residents of the Principality to quit smoking with the second Moi(s) sans tabac campaign. The aim is to encourage smokers to go without cigarettes for a month, the idea being that this will induce them to give up smoking for good.

To help them achieve this goal, the Prince’s Government was keen for the Principality of Monaco to get involved as a partner in the Moi(s) sans tabac campaign, led by the French Ministry of Health. 

Run in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and Princess Grace Hospital, the campaign is back again this year and free stop smoking kits will be distributed through the campaign’s partner chemists. 

What is Moi(s) sans tabac? 

Moi(s) sans tabac is a public health initiative coordinated by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. It involves encouraging and supporting all smokers, through community-based communication and prevention activities, to give up smoking for 30 days this November. 

Why provide support for a month? 

The reason for this is that, after stopping for 28 consecutive days, the chances of giving up smoking for good increase five-fold.
 How the Moi(s) sans tabac campaign will work 

A media campaign (TV, posters, Internet, mobile) led by France will be disseminated by health professionals and relevant organisations in the Principality of Monaco. The aim is to put in place local activities to spark interest among smokers and support them in their bid to quit.

Sign up to stop smoking! From Monday 23 October, those who want to stop smoking can sign up in various ways: 

On 1 November, participants begin their attempt to stop smoking. Those who have registered will receive support on a daily basis. The following tools are available:

  • the Tabac Info Service website ( will publish information to help smokers prepare before 1 November and increase their chances of success 
  • a Tabac Info Service app will offer personalised coaching from stop smoking specialists 
  • free support from stop smoking specialists will be available by telephoning 39.89 from any mobile phone or landline

In addition, support from the Princess Grace Hospital’s specialist stop smoking consultation service is free and can be accessed by telephoning

The Principality of Monaco’s health professionals, who are partners to the campaign, will be available to those participating in Moi(s) sans tabac, and will provide the support they need.

Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, noted that “this campaign is a positive step to ensure the health of the Principality’s residents. We must make it an annual event encouraging smokers to quit.”

The Moi(s) sans tabac campaign is an opportunity to send out a strong message to help combat the serious diseases caused by tobacco consumption.

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