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02 March 2022

Pollen monitoring network installed in Principality

Capteurs de pollens ©Direction de l’Environnement

The Department of the Environment, in partnership with RNSA-Oberon*, has set up a network to monitor pollen in the Principality. The network includes an innovative measurement system that enables a daily allergen risk to be determined.
Three pollen sensors have been installed on the roofs of the Jardins d’Apolline, on Quai Antoine I and on the roof of Saint-Charles primary school.
When correlated with meteorological data, the measurements make it possible to monitor specific allergens in addition to the risks of pollen allergies.
Data for the current day, as well as forecasts for the next two days, are published on the Government website, social media and the various distribution channels that have been developed as part of Extended Monaco (bus shelter terminals, website, etc.). The allergy risk is defined according to a four-point scale: zero, low, moderate and high.

The current meteorological conditions are favourable for the release and dispersion of pollens in the air. Cypress pollens have been particularly notable for several days, especially when the weather is sunny and windy. Concentrations of cypress pollen will continue to increase over the coming weeks, reaching a peak in early March.

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*Alliance between the French National Aerobiological Monitoring Network and Oberon Sciences

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