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Anthony Alberti devant son oeuvre - copyright - Direction de la Communication / Charly Gallo
24 July 2017

Princess Grace Hospital: Temporary art work and historical retrospective installed

This morning, a temporary work created by artist Anthony Alberti (also known as Mr OneTeas) was officially unveiled at Princess Grace Hospital, along with a retrospective looking back at the hospital’s history, which now decorates the central walkway.

copyright - Direction de la Communication / Charly Gallo

copyright - Direction de la Communication / Charly Gallo

Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development Marie-Pierre Gramaglia and Minister of Health and Social Affairs Didier Gamerdinger first viewed the historical retrospective of the hospital, accompanied by the hospital’s Deputy Director Benoite De Sevelinges, who provided a commentary. The 31 historical photographs which adorn the busy walkway illustrate a hospital that has constantly evolved over time, ever since work on its construction began in 1898. 

The ministers next viewed Anthony Alberti’s urban art project which decorates the shaft of the lift linking Avenue Pasteur to the hospital. By adding an artistic element to the screening, the Prince’s Government wanted to create a unifying event around this construction project. In conjunction with the artist, a participative work was designed, involving all those with a stake in the current activities of the hospital (staff, construction workers, local residents, etc.), and 585 portraits of volunteers were taken and turned into an urban work of art displayed on the three visible sides of the lift. 

With these two visual and unifying art works, the Prince’s Government hoped to introduce a positive feature to the heart of the construction site for the new hospital, and to shine a spotlight on those who are living with the project on a daily basis.





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