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01 July 2022

Princess Grace Hospital earns Mon Restau Responsable certification

From left to right: Patrick Rolland, Deputy Director of the Department of the Environment; Mariem Moussa, Princess Grace Hospital Catering Department; Françoise Maechling, Head of the Princess Grace Hospital Catering Department; Christophe Mari, Regional Representative for Mon Restau Responsable; Alix Puzenat, Ecoscience Provence. ©Government Communication Department / Stéphane Danna

On Wednesday 29 June, a public engagement session was held at the Lou Clapas Amphitheatre to officially mark Princess Grace Hospital’s admission to the Mon Restau Responsable (My Responsible Canteen) initiative. The event was attended by Ms Benoîte Rousseau de Sevelinges, Director of Princess Grace Hospital, Ms Marjorie Crovetto, representing the Mayor of Monaco, Mr Patrick Rolland, Deputy Director of the Department of the Environment, Mr Christophe Mari, Regional Representative of the Mon Restau Responsable scheme, and Ms Alix Puzenat from Ecoscience Provence. Numerous chefs from Monaco and the region also made the trip to attend the ceremony.

Princess Grace Hospital is the first organisation in the Principality and the first hospital in the PACA region to earn the participatory guarantee.

The Mon Restau Responsable scheme was created by the Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme (FNH, Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Man and the Restau’Co network. It aims to support the environmental and food transition in canteens operating in schools, hospitals, businesses, care homes and so on.

By becoming a member of the network, Princess Grace Hospital hopes to continue the sustainable development approach it has been committed to for more than a decade.

Today, it is the catering service that is distinguishing itself through the commitments it has made as part of this approach.

The efforts underway at Princess Grace Hospital focus, among other things, on choosing local and seasonal products, reducing and recycling rubbish, and tackling food waste. To this end, a technical inspection was held at the hospital on 3 March this year.

To reward 30 years of hard work by Ms Françoise Maechling in delivering quality and services to patients, Mr Christophe Mari nominated her for appointment to the Order of Agricultural Merit.

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