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Vue générale CHPG parvis - 
The NCHP.  This building, which will be delivered in 
2029, has been designed in line with the latest environmental and seismic standards. © AIA 
25 September 2017

Construction Site for the New Princess Grace Hospital

Monaco's hospital, known as The Princess Grace Hospital (Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace) (CHPG), has remained in the same location since its inauguration in 1902, in the reign of Rainier III.  It has constantly developed in line with changes in medicine and hospital techniques.  Under the impetus of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, the Prince's Government commissioned a study for, and the construction of, an entirely new Hospital.  We highlight this ambitious project, which will change the face of the Principality.

To enable the CHPG to meet the technical, human, medical and scientific challenges of the 21st century, the Principality needed a new hospital.  The construction of this new establishment of high environmental quality has begun, and it will be delivered in 2029.  While the new hospital is being built, the quality of the CHPG's care and treatment will be maintained in all areas.  In particular, the Prince's Government will continue to make an annual investment of the sums required to maintain the level of excellence of the current hospital.

Staff and Patients

A "green building site" charter has been adopted to limit
and control potential nuisance, in particular by offering
protection against noise and dust.  Here, for example, is
an elevator shaft that links the Avenue Pasteur to the
© Charly Gallo /Government Communication Department


The high quality staff of the current CHPG, which contributes to its reputation, will benefit from an optimal working environment in this future setting.  As a reminder, the "A" rating, which was awarded to the CHPG "without reservations and without recommendation" by the French Authority on Health (HAS), is concrete recognition of the commitment and excellence of all the medical and hospital personnel of this Monegasque Hospital.  This "A" rating was obtained by the CHPG in 2015 as part of the quality certification procedure and renewed by the HAS in 2017.

For the new CHPG, the architects and engineers called upon hospital working groups, comprised of medical, paramedical and technical staff, to design a functional, ergonomic tool that could evolve to suit future needs.  As an example, all the operating theatres will be lit by natural light and grouped together to form an adaptable, efficient technical platform.

Patients will be at the heart of this project - consultations and examinations will be clustered together in areas that meet the most modern standards.  The layout of the rooms for inpatient stays has been designed with great care.  All patients will therefore have single rooms with en-suite bathrooms and new-generation automation.

A Well Designed Building

The capacity of the new CHPG was designed to meet the needs of the population of the Principality and the inhabitants of the local catchment area.  The new CHPG will therefore have 492 beds, treatment areas and daycare places. The lower part of the building, where the car park will be situated, will blend in naturally with the rock of the Exotic Garden, while the upper section will reflect the image of the sea, recalling the shape of a wave.

Inside, in the various departments, spacious reception areas will be provided for patients and their families.  Similarly, circulating around the building will be facilitated by the structure of the building itself, making for shorter distances between the various areas.  The main reception area will open onto the forecourt on one side with a restaurant, playgrounds, and gardens facing the sea, with administrative departments on the other side.

The NCHP.  This building, which will be delivered in
2029, has been designed in line with the latest
environmental and seismic standards. © AIA


A 3,500-m2 belvedere will run along the building, enabling persons accompanying patients, and visitors, to take a stroll.  Hanging gardens facing the sea, suited to functional rehabilitation, will be provided for the use of patients only.  Finally, high-quality suites for check-ups will be located in the roof area.  This will be complemented by a "Premium" suite in each unit.

Environmental Aspects

Both in the design of the architectural project and the way in which the work is being undertaken, the construction site of the new hospital has been organised to limit nuisance and ensure high environmental quality. The design and realisation of the project will be awarded "High Environmental Quality" (HQE) certification by an external organisation (Certivea).

Finally, the bioclimatic design of the building, which reduces energy requirements at source, is an essential aspect that has been incorporated into the design of this building from the outset.

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