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12 February 2020

The #8MarsMonaco campaign: a spotlight on professional equality

Following the success in 2019 of the "8MarsMonaco" (#8MarchMonaco) campaign, which brought women and men who are committed to equality in Monegasque institutions and the Committee to promote and safeguard women’s rights to the forefront, a new campaign is planned for 8 March 2020. To continue celebrating this day in a highly visible way and highlight the importance the Government places on promoting equality, the idea is to present faces of equality in the world of work. The "8MarsMonaco" campaign consists of taking photos of men and women working in pairs in the same job to show that all jobs are accessible, regardless of gender, and that there are no barriers. Various professional sectors that are representative of the Principality will be on show. The portraits will then be assembled in the form of large mosaics, which will be displayed in various places in the city, including the glass facade of the Ministry of State, the National Council and Town Hall buildings and the Carrefour shopping centre.

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