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06 May 2022

Monegasque legislation updated to promote improved gender equality


The Prince’s Government is delighted with this evening’s adoption by the National Council of the bill which amends and repeals obsolete and unfair provisions.

A majority of 18 members of the National Council (1 abstention, no votes against) supported the text proposed by the Government, which seeks to strengthen protection for women’s rights in the Principality of Monaco.

Over the course of three years, Government Departments analysed nearly 12,000 legal and legislative texts to identify expressions which have, over time, become obsolete for legal, semantic or scientific reasons. A total of 85 provisions and texts were amended or deleted.

Pierre Dartout, Minister of State, welcomed this effort to modernise legislation: “This updating of legal provisions contributes to the continuing work to build an edifice of women’s rights, and to bring the Principality in line with the evolution of society and, internationally, with the recommendations of the United Nations. I would like to commend the Women’s Rights Committee, which has made a dynamic contribution to the updating of Monegasque legislation.”

Céline Cottalorda, Country Women's Rights Officer, said: “I am delighted to see this bill pass, as it represents additional progress towards gender equality and a reduction in discrimination against women.”

Role of midwives strengthened

During the legislative session on Thursday 5 May, another bill was adopted, expanding the remit of midwives, who will now be able to vaccinate the family of a child or woman during her pregnancy and for eight weeks following the birth. Midwives will also have the ability to prescribe, for women and their partners, testing for sexually transmitted infections and treatments for such infections.

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