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10 May 2022

Consular meeting at Monaco’s Embassy in Italy


On 6 May, a consular meeting was held at Monaco’s Embassy in Rome. All of Monaco’s consuls in Italy and in the other countries to which H.E. Mr Robert Fillon is accredited (Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, San Marino and Malta) were invited to the meeting.

Discussions covered topical diplomatic and consular issues and plans for the Principality’s relations with Italy and the other countries where it is represented.

The Ambassador also spoke about the Sovereign’s recent trip to Italy and the lands held as fiefdoms by His Ancestors in Apulia and Basilicata, as well as in Genoa, the Grimaldi Family’s city of origin, where the Sovereign received honorary citizenship.

There was also in-depth discussion relating to the resumption of the activities of Destination Monaco Ambassadors.

Destination Monaco Ambassadors are groups of friends of the Principality who can propose projects in the field of business tourism or any other economic sector. There are currently Destination Monaco Ambassadors in Italy and Romania.

H.E. Mr Robert Fillon also announced to the consuls the end of his diplomatic mission and his forthcoming replacement.

The meeting concluded with a dinner at the Residence, to which spouses were also invited.

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