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24 June 2021

Monaco–France protocol regarding dialogue and cooperation on prisons

M. Laurent Ridel, Directeur des Services Judiciaires, M. Robert Gelli, Secrétaire d'Etat à la Justice - Directeur des Services Judiciaires et M. Christophe Millescamps, Directeur de l'École Nationale d'Administration Pénitentiaire ©Direction de la Communication – Michael Alesi

Following on from the visit by French Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti on 26 March, Monaco’s Secretary of Justice Robert Gelli has concluded two agreements with the French Ministry of Justice, one with the Director of the Prisons Administration, Laurent Ridel, and the other with Director of the National Correctional Administration Academy (ENAP), Christophe Millescamps.

The purpose of these agreements is to enable Monegasque prison officers to benefit from the initial and ongoing training provided by the ENAP and by the Interregional Department of Prison Services (DISP).

The aim of the protocol is to facilitate collaboration between the Principality of Monaco and the French Republic, with a view to improving the professional skills of prison staff in both countries, and optimising mutual understanding between the two administrations.

It seeks to define a framework for dialogue and cooperation on prisons to share knowledge, experience and best practices regarding both open and closed prisons.

What kind of cooperation is envisaged?

The idea is to arrange visits to the Remand Prison in the Principality of Monaco, and to prisons, as well as rehabilitation and probation services, operated by the Marseille DISP.

These visits, which will benefit both Monegasque and French officers, will offer an opportunity to discuss the best practices and innovative projects being implemented by the Monaco Department of Justice and the Marseille DISP.

To expand professional training, officers from the Remand Prison in the Principality of Monaco will be able to take part in ongoing training activities organised by the Marseille DISP. These activities may take the form of work placements or the organisation of seminars, symposiums or forums.

To improve the treatment of prisoners, the Department of Justice and the Department of Prisons Administration have agreed to share information on the prison records of people who have previously been detained in the Principality of Monaco or France.

Collaboration with the ENAP will focus on providing access to initial training for Monegasque prison officers and managers and on strengthening their professional skills. The two parties are committed to pooling their efforts to promote an expansion of cooperation between the two institutions through:

- the organisation of training and improvement sessions

- openness to ongoing training

- the organisation or supervision of any studies, research, symposiums, seminars or specialist workshops on prisons, that may be held in either country

- the sharing of documents or publications on issues of common interest

- the sharing of experience

- study visits

- exchanges of technical staff, professionals, researchers and trainers

- other objectives which the parties consider appropriate

The two agreements have been signed for a term of five years.

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