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03 January 2019

Press release from the Smart Nation Department

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The free universal television service offering access to 18 channels will end on 25 March 2019. 

To continue to receive free-to-air television and enjoy access to more than 80 channels (see the attached table), you will need to switch to the Free Digital Service. 

If your television is connected to a Monaco Telecom TV Box, no changes or retuning will be required. 

If your television is not connected to a Monaco Telecom TV Box but directly to a wall socket, you will need to check that you have the right reception mode. 

Starting on 14 January, channels will be gradually withdrawn from the current network, which will cease to exist entirely on 25 March 2019. If you see an information banner or a test card on certain channels, this means that you will need to make some changes.              

If your television is DVB-C compatible:                        

You will need to conduct a search (manual or automatic) for DVB-C (cable) channels to switch to the Free Digital Service.


If your television is not DVB-C compatible, you can opt for one of the following:

  • a DVB-C set-top box (Monaco Telecom is offering the Denver set-top box in its shops for €49)
  • a DVB-C compatible television              
  • a Monaco Telecom TV Box


For a full explanation of the changes:

- visit, which features all the practical information you need, including:

A list of televisions which are DVB-C compatible and a tuning guide

An installation guide for Denver set-top boxes

A list of available channels


- telephone 99 66 33 03 (a free service available every day from 8 am to 11 pm for any questions about this change)

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