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03 December 2021

10th International Day of Persons with Disabilities - “Living your passion for sport in the Principality”

To mark the 10th International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is teaming up with sports associations and partners on the theme: “living your passion for sport in the Principality”.

Disability can restrict an individual’s activities and social life. Sport is a key factor in preventing isolation and learning do things differently, overcoming injuries to achieve or rediscover a positive self-image.

In a report dedicated to several sports practised in the Principality, a number of athletes with disabilities share their experiences and explain their passion for their sports (including yoga, tennis and country dancing).

Sport is a vehicle for personal development and positive self-esteem. It promotes movement and coordination, develops sensory and cognitive abilities, and encourages social contact.

For all of these reasons, the Prince’s Government is committed to sustaining and expanding opportunities to live your passion for your chosen sport in the Principality.

Check out the Monaco Info report here:



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