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10 September 2021

COVID-19: 8 New Positive Cases and 15 Recoveries on Friday 10 September

Eight new positive cases of Covid-19 were identified on Friday 10 September.

This therefore brings the overall health figures for the Principality to 3,273 people affected by the Coronavirus since the beginning of the health crisis.

This evening, 11 people are being treated at Princess Grace Hospital:  nine patients, three of whom are residents, are provided in-patient care; two people, one of whom is a resident, are in intensive care.

There are seven further recoveries to be noted. The total number of people who have recovered is 3,165. 

This Friday evening, 42 people are being monitored by the Home Patient Follow-up Centre, which provides medical support to patients with mild symptoms, who are invited to self-isolate at home.

In line with the practices adopted by the World Health Organization and neighbouring countries in this regard, these daily health assessment figures report only on resident persons affected by the Coronavirus.

As concerns the vaccination strategy implemented in the Principality, the figures as of 9 September 2021 inclusive are the following:

  • Number of people who have had the first vaccination: 26,451, i.e. 68.97% of the Monegasque population (i.e. 76.82% of the population aged 12 years and over, which is the population currently eligible for vaccination);
  • Number of people who have received the second dose of the vaccine:  22,811, i.e. 86.24% of those who have had the first vaccination.

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