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08 January 2021

COVID-19: Prince’s Government is regulating access to Principality on Saturday 9 January

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Saturday 9 January will be the second Saturday of sales season in the Principality of Monaco. Given the unique nature of the health situation, the difference between sales season in Monaco and in France demands a very high level of vigilance. It could quickly mean a lot of intermingling between people and crowding in car parks, shops and public spaces, thus leading to a situation that could be considered conducive to sustained transmission of the virus.

While all of the Principality’s shops will be open to external visitors, it should be noted that there are a number of health measures which must be strictly complied with even during busy periods.

The Prince’s Government is therefore calling on both traders and their customers to act responsibly.

On Saturday, traffic entering the country will be regulated by the police at the border. This may cause significant delays, and the Government would like to ensure that those wishing to visit Monaco are aware of this possibility. Increased monitoring of train use will also be carried out at Monaco railway station. Police officers will regulate and may even restrict access to the Principality by non-residents (excluding nationals, residents, those who work in the Principality and those who can show proof of a hotel reservation) who are not able to provide an essential reason for entering the country.

In addition, the Prince’s Government would like to remind people that only residents, those who work in Monaco or those staying in a hotel in the Principality may dine in the country’s restaurants. Advance booking is required for restaurants in any case. Lunch service runs from 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Shops must comply with general prevention measures and those specific to their business, including:

•             Ensuring that a safe distance of 1 m between people is maintained.

•             Adhering to a maximum capacity of one person per 4 m2 (in shops open to the public, including employees).

•             Limiting capacity to one person per 10 m2 in the common areas of shopping centres.

•             Indicating shop capacities on notices placed at the entrance.

•             Managing access to healthcare practices, hairdressing salons, etc. using an appointment system.

•             Introducing directional floor signage and markings to avoid queues at tills.

The Monegasque authorities are calling on visitors to show a sense of civic responsibility by avoiding queues in front of shops. Where required, the police will disperse queues and ask customers to move around the city while they wait for it to become easier to access the store.

Finally, please remember that masks must be worn throughout the country.

The Prince’s Government is implementing measures that seek to strike a balance between a safe health situation and economic activity that provides jobs. This requires that everyone is committed to complying with the measures. By protecting yourself, you are also protecting others. This is particularly true at the moment, with the virus gaining momentum in the Principality and the Alpes-Maritimes region.

Finally, all customers wishing to enter shops or businesses must wear masks, both inside and while queueing outside.

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