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[SPE] locaux commerciaux
26 June 2020

Call for applications to operate the establishment "Before"

The State Property Authority granted the limited liability company Blue Charm a State property occupation agreement for premises located on the South Dock of Port de la Condamine, 6, route de la Piscine: lots 1 and 2, with an approximate total surface area of 150 square metres, operating under the trading name of "Before".

The premises are intended for exclusive trading use as a "high-class snack-bar with a musical ambiance and/or musical entertainment subject to the appropriate administrative authorisations".

Blue Charm company has indicated that it would like the establishment "Before" to be operated by another entity.

The State Property Authority would like to draw attention to the fact that Blue Charm company does not possess any business goodwill, in view of the public ownership of the premises.

The State Property Authority is hereby launching a call to enable anyone interested in operating the establishment "Before" to submit a proposal, so that the most appropriate candidate can be selected.

The successful candidate will have to pay the sum of one million and two hundred thousand Euros (1.200.000 €) as a "repossession right", no later than the day of the signing of the deed of occupancy.

The "repossession fee" may not be reimbursed in any form whatsoever by the State of Monaco in whole or in part to the successful candidate throughout the duration of the agreement and any renewals and/or extensions, nor at the end of the agreement for any reason whatsoever. 

It is expressly stated that payment of the above-mentioned sum is a sine qua non condition of this call for applications. 

All interested persons must undertake to make this payment, otherwise their application will not be accepted. To this end, a document drawn up by a banking institution must be attached, certifying that the funds are held or that a loan has been granted.

In addition, applicants will be required to take on all of the employees in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Anybody interested can:

  • Download an application pack below
  • Collect it from the State Property Authority offices on the fourth floor of 24, rue du Gabian, during opening hours from 9.30 am to 5 pm
  • Request it, either by phone on, or by email at


The application includes the following documents:


For any visits to the premises or requests for information, interested persons should contact the manager of the Blue Charm company, whose contact details are given on the information sheet.

Applications should be sent to the State Property Authority by the deadline of 21 July 2020 at midday, at the latest.

The candidates’ attention is drawn to the fact that only complete packs including absolutely all the documents required will be considered.

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