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[SPE] locaux commerciaux
08 January 2021

Commercial premise situated 5 rue Princesse Caroline and 1 rue Langlé to be rented out

The State Property Authority hereby announces it is to let a commercial premise with display window forming lots 1, 7 and 8, situated in Monaco, on the ground floor of the building 5 rue Princesse Caroline and 1 rue Langlé, with a surface area of approximately 121 m², allocated as follows:

  • On the ground floor: 85 m² approximately
  • In the basement: 36 m² approximately

This premise is to be used exclusively for commercial activity, with the exclusion of all food businesses, banking or real estate agency activity.

Anybody interested  should submit their applications to the State Property Authority offices on the fourth floor of 24, rue du Gabian in Monaco, during opening hours from 9.30 am to 5 pm, or download it below:

  • An information sheet on the conditions relating to the tender for applications and the rental conditions
  • Fiche renseignements - 5 rue Princesse Caroline
  • A plan of the premise (strictly for indicative purposes only)
  • Plan RDC
  • Plan niveau sous-sol
  • A draft office lease with no contractual value
  • Projet bail - 5 rue Princesse Caroline
  • An application file to be returned duly completed and signed by the applicant (and any associates in the case of a legal entity)
  • Dossier candidatures 5, rue Psse Caroline


Applications should be sent to the State Property Authority by the deadline on Friday 29 January 2021 at midday, at the latest. We recommend that applications are returned by post or by email if at all possible.

L’attention des candidats est appelée sur le fait que seuls les dossiers comportant de manière exhaustive l’ensemble des pièces demandées seront pris en considération.

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