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20 December 2019

Education/Health Conference on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

On Wednesday 18 December, the Department of Health Affairs held a conference on attention disorders in children and teenagers, aimed at teachers from the Department of Education, Youth and Sport, associations and childhood specialists.


As a preamble, Alexandre Bordero, Director of Health Affairs, stated that "We must provide support for the daily care of children who need our help to succeed in their life's journey, so that everyone in our field of competence can help them build their future."

Emmanuelle Muller, Coordinator for the implementation and monitoring of special educational measures at the Department of Education, Youth and Sport, then recalled, "Through these meetings, we wish to offer teachers health recommendations, as well as simple and effective advice, in order to facilitate communication and the care of these children, who require a specially adapted education.  This is an interministerial activity, undertaken in association with the DASA, which demonstrates the desire to leave no one out."

Doctor Renaud-Yang, from the Plati* Medical Psychology Centre for Children and Adolescents, gave a presentation on issues linked to Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (ADHD), with the aim of raising the awareness of professionals in the fields of education, the medical/social sector and occupational health and enable them to better understand and recognise its various aspects.  She also highlighted the importance of collaboration between the Plati Centre and the School Medical Inspectorate (IMS).

In order to better meet the needs of children and families, the objectives for schools and other establishments in the Principality include a section on reception and support strategies for pupils with special educational needs.  These objectives take personalised educational projects into account, as well as the arrangements and adaptations necessary for the education of these pupils in order to help their concentration.

Thus, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs wishes to open up the health dialogue to everyone who deals with Attention Deficit Disorder and its associated issues, so that families are listened to and health and education professionals can better support them, as their role is essential, when faced with a situation in which they can sometimes find themselves at a disadvantage.

* The PLATI Centre, which is under the authority of the Department of Health Affairs (DASA), is a medical psychology centre for children and adolescents.  It is intended for children who attend school in the Principality of Monaco who have psychological difficulties and/or complex learning difficulties, and for their families.

The PLATI Centre is comprised of three units:

•              The Medico-Social Centre (CMP)

•              The Day Therapy Activity Centre (CATTP)

•              The Learning Difficulties Diagnosis Centre (CDTA)



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