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08 November 2018

Everyone is Mobilised to Help Combat Bullying in Schools

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On Thursday 8 November 2018, all State and private schools under contract are taking part in a "No to Bullying" day. 

This day is part of the Prince's Government's action and preventative plan to combat bullying in schools, which is based on three elements:  preventing and detecting various types of bullying, training adults who supervise students (such as teachers, school assistants, etc.) and dealing with bullying incidents. 

Combating bullying is an integral part of the Prince's Government's preventative plan to promote the well-being of young people and increase their self-esteem. 

This year, the Prince's Government wished to focus on cyber violence, which affects children and adolescents today. 

Cyber violence is an aggressive, intentional act, perpetrated by an individual or group via digital media against one or more victims.  It is expressed in various ways:  photographs that are published without permission or are modified, insults on social networks, identity theft, etc. 

The aim of the 2018 "No to Bullying" day is to raise awareness among students and adults of the consequences of cyber violence and provide tools to prevent it. 

Throughout the day, and throughout the week, and from Year 2 to Year 13, every school will be organising events on the theme of cyber violence, to give young people an opportunity to express themselves on this subject, with serious games, a choir, poster making, debates, role play, etc. 

The Prince's Government recalls that, for several years, internal regulations have prohibited the use of mobile phones by pupils within schools.

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