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16 May 2019

Government press release on negotiations underway with Union of Hospital Practitioners

At his initiative, Didier Gamerdinger held a meeting on 15 May with the various stakeholders involved in the negotiations underway between the Government and the Princess Grace Hospital Union of Hospital Practitioners. 

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, the Chair of the Princess Grace Hospital Board of Directors and the hospital’s management team, the Chair of the Medical Commission and representatives from the Union of Hospital Practitioners all participated in the discussion. 

After a broad and constructive exchange of views, the following shared positions were agreed: 

-     The first stage in the process of increasing duty rates is confirmed. 

Reorganisation of the duty and on-call schedule, something which has long warranted attention, will be the subject of concrete proposals to be put forward by medical staff within 20 days. These proposals will be submitted to the hospital’s Board of Directors in June. 

This step forward will allow the hospital to make a definitive statement on continuing to increase rates for duty periods, a demand made by the Union of Hospital Practitioners. 

- The procedures for calculating fees for hospital privileges to be paid by doctors in private practice will be revised. Princess Grace Hospital will consequently receive fairer remuneration for the resources made available to these doctors (secretarial services, clinical teams, instruments, technical equipment, premises, etc.). 

This provision will apply to doctors seeking authorisation to practise privately at Princess Grace Hospital in the future. 

The procedures for paying fees will be the subject of discussions between medical staff and hospital management over the coming weeks. 

These proposals will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval after the summer. This will make it possible to approve the principle of increasing doctors’ remuneration in line with inflation at the same time. 

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, which was engaged in seeking positive solutions, welcomes the sense of responsibility demonstrated by the various stakeholders and is pleased with the positions envisaged. These will allow the current discussions to continue to make decisive progress on the basis of consensus and in the spirit of cooperation.

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