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13 March 2023

International Day of Forests: (re)discover the forest!


On 18 March 2023, the French National Forests Office (ONF) is organising a free event on the theme of “Good health and wellbeing” in partnership with the Principality of Monaco and the commune of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. The event, which can be booked online, aims to raise the general public’s awareness of the importance of forests.

Setting off from Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, participants will have the opportunity to discover the rich natural and cultural heritage of the seaside resort all the way to the hilltop village at an altitude of 225 metres. They will then head along a hiking trail to Mont-Gros to enjoy a breathtaking view over the Principality and the Mediterranean.

During the course of this one-and-a-half hour walk, staff from the ONF will show participants the actions that have been taken thanks to the partnership between the ONF, the commune of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and the Principality of Monaco. The partnership was established in 1986 following some devastating fires to protect forests and their biodiversity, and welcome the public through creating interpretive trails, digital walks, panoramic viewpoints and the creation of a bug hotel.

During the walk, participants will also be able to enjoy themed events about food and health in the forest.

Walk times:

- 9.30–11.00 am
- 10.00–11.30 am
- 11.00 am–12.30 pm
- 11.30 am–1.00 pm
- 2.00 pm–3.30 pm
- 2.30 pm–4.00 pm

Book via the link or QR code below: 

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