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14 September 2018

Jean Castellini is a Guest of the Monaco Press Club

Jean Castellini lors de sa prise de parole au Monaco Press Club © Manuel Vitali – Direction de la Communication

This Friday morning, at a conference, Mr. Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, addressed the members of the Monaco Press Club.

With just a few days before the National Council's public sessions, Mr. Castellini answered questions from journalists, in particular on the amending budget.  "As every year, the aim is for mutual understanding with the National Council, for the good of the Monegasques and for the projects that we shall be undertaking," emphasised the Minister on this subject.

The Minister also referred to the refurbishment work on the Helios building, giving the assurance that the inhabitants would be able to move back to the building in no longer than six months.  "The same measures as those put in place for the Jardins d' Apolline will be offered to the inhabitants of the Helios," he stated.

Mr. Castellini then referred to the tourism figures for the summer season, which remain good.  "An excellent year for tourism, despite a slower start to the season due to the bad weather,"  Jean Castellini concluded.

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