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19 December 2017

Launch of Responsible Trading initiative

The Department of the Environment and Ecoscience Provence, a scientific association which works to protect the environment, recently launched the process for obtaining the Responsible Trading label, with 28 traders representing a very wide range of sectors involved in the pilot stage. The goal of the initiative is to identify traders who are committed to an environmentally, economically and socially responsible approach.

It will be expanded to other sectors in January 2018. Return visits will also be made to the traders involved to validate the certification stage. Stickers and small posters will enable traders who have been awarded the label to identify themselves.

Regular visits (an average of three throughout the year) will provide an opportunity to answer traders’ questions about sustainable consumption and suggest new commitments they can make.

With an eye to continuous improvement, an annual review will be carried out with traders. The Department of the Environment will use indicators to evaluate the progress achieved and difficulties encountered.

The Responsible Trading scheme is free, interactive and evolutionary. It highlights eco-friendly practices employed by traders and supports them as they move towards a more sustainable approach to consumption. The requirements of the label focus on reusable bags, waste, energy, eco-friendly behaviours and communication.

For more information, you can download the label requirements from the Government website:

For more information, contact:


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