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10 August 2018

Keywords for Promoting "Destination Monaco"

As part of its digital strategy, the Prince's Government is inviting all local players to use certain keywords (hashtags) in their publications on social networks, in order to build a community and play a shared role in promoting Monaco as a destination. 

As a reminder for newbies, a hashtag is a key word or phrase that is preceded by the # symbol, when used in a digital message.  It acts as a "label" (marker, tag or metadata) for that word or phrase, while giving it some importance.  Using hashtags increases the scope and virality of a publication. 

The use of hashtags in a communication strategy is essential in order to gain visibility.  In the Principality, the use of certain keywords, related to an activity, is becoming particularly useful for promoting Monaco as a destination on social networks, especially on Twitter and Instagram. 

Thus, the Prince's Government encourages you to create a community based on:


This can be used for all moments that reflect life in the Principality.  To date, 852 Instagram publications are referenced as #monacomoments. 


On the initiative of Monaco Tourist and Convention Authority (DTC), #visitmonaco is to be used in connection with tourism, "Destination Monaco" and the hotel trade.  It is in line with the editorial approach taken by the DTC's web site,  To date, 33,500 Instagram publications are referenced as #visitmonaco.



All ecological activities, referred to as "green" activities, are to be highlighted using the hashtag #mcgreenglam.  The DTC recently launched a first video campaign, in episodic form, entitled "Green is the New Glam" and centred on the theme of the family (the videos can be viewed on the DTC's YouTube channel, Visitmonaco, or on their web site).  Further episodes will be available shortly.  To date, 505 Instagram publications are referenced as #mcgreenglam.

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