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18 October 2021

Minister of State and Frédéric Genta meet French parliamentarians

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During the Assises de la Sécurité, Monaco’s annual event for cybersecurity experts, Minister of State Pierre Dartout and Country Chief Digital Officer Frédéric Genta received members of the French parliament at the Ministry of State, where they gave a presentation on Monaco’s policy in this area, as well as the various infrastructure projects that have been rolled out in the Principality over the last three years.

This opportunity for discussion and sharing allowed members of the delegation to learn about the large-scale digital projects launched in the Principality in 202, such as digital identity, the sovereign cloud, 5G and the establishment of the Office for Outer Space Affairs.

Other key digital transition themes were also addressed, including data exploitation, the digital economy and combatting cyber bullying.

Frédéric Genta noted that 5% of the state budget was allocated to digital, and that the Blue Fund, launched in September 2020 as part of the post-health crisis recovery plan had already enabled nearly 300 businesses to implement digital projects and to create more than 250 jobs in the Principality.

The delegation of French parliamentarians comprised:

Philippe Latombe, member for Vendée

Valéria Faure-Muntian, member for Loire

Anissa Khedher, member for Rhône

Amélia Lakrafi, member for French nationals overseas

Mauna Traïka, Regional Digital Development Advisor, CA Plaine Commune Grand Paris, Municipal Advisor for SmartCity and Digital Innovation, Epinay-sur-Seine

Vice President for Digital Technology, GIP Maximilien

Vice President for Regional Digital Transformation, Systematic European Deep Tech Ecosystem

Vice President, Mission Ecoter-France et Territoires Numériques

Alain Bourcier, Vice President, NEVERS AGGLOMERATION

Hervé Stassinos, Vice President, Toulon Métropole

Françoise Bruneteaux, President of the Committee for Digital Transition of Companies and Regions, Development, and Digital Economy, Sud-PACA Region




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