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15 October 2020

Monaco Energies Renouvelables makes first wind investment


To support Monaco’s transition to a carbon-free society by 2050, the Prince’s Government and the Société Monégasque de l’Électricité et du Gaz (SMEG) joined forces three years ago to create the company Monaco Energies Renouvelables (M.E.R.). The aim is to ensure that Monaco’s capacity for 100% green electricity generation matches the country’s consumption. To best cover the Principality’s consumption curve, a targeted mix of technologies has been identified by the Prince’s Government, including solar, wind and hydropower.

Wind, a smart choice that complements solar power

M.E.R. has recently acquired three projects developed by ABO Wind. This partnership with one of the world leaders in wind development has enabled the construction of three wind farms (comprising between two and four turbines per project): two in Charente and one in the department of Côtes d’Armor.

The turbines selected are made by Vestas and Nordex, two of the leading manufacturers, with unit power ranging from 2 to 2.5 MW and standing between 145 and 160 m tall.

Built in promising areas with suitable wind conditions, the turbines will offer cumulative annual production of 57 GWh, representing 10% of the Principality’s electricity consumption. Complementing solar facilities which only generate electricity during the day with a peak around noon, when the Principality’s electricity consumption is highest due to the use of air conditioners, wind power plants will help to cover the country’s “base” consumption, particularly during the night.

M.E.R.: a fleet of green assets supplying a total of 25% of the Principality’s electricity supply

The wind farms will be completed in the coming months, and the turbines should be connected to the public grid in France, then officially launched between December 2020 and June 2021.

With 10 solar facilities and three new wind farms, M.E.R. has secured control of 75 MW of renewable energy, equating to 25% of the Principality’s consumption.

As Samy Touati, CEO of Monaco Energies Renouvelables, highlighted: “2020 will remain a critical year in the development of our strategy and an important step towards the Principality’s energy independence. These new wind farms will enable M.E.R. to continue along its growth trajectory, with an interim goal of covering 50% of our electricity consumption by 2025.

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