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08 October 2021

Monaco Statistics publishes supplementary report on use of psychoactive substances and non-substance addiction among young people

Monaco Statistics has today published a supplementary report on the results of the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD), which studies health behaviours, use of psychoactive substances and non-substance addiction (to social media, betting, gambling) among 16 year olds in Europe.

This summary report follows on from the survey carried out in 2019 among all upper secondary school (lycée) pupils in the Principality, and complements the report published by Monaco Statistics in September 2020 (

The supplementary report published by Monaco Statistics, which presents the results for 16 year olds across all 35 countries that participated in ESPAD 2019, highlights the differences in use within these countries and sheds light on the situation among pupils in the Principality compared with their European peers.

In 2019, while the majority of consumption indicators fell among 16 year olds attending school in Monaco (particularly with respect to tobacco), the Principality nonetheless has overall levels of use above the European average, and indeed far above average in the following areas:

-                      experimentation with alcohol

-                      use of electronic cigarettes (experimentation and use within the last month)

-                      use of cannabis (experimentation, use within the last month and heightened risk of problem use)

-                      daily use of social media

-                      sports betting for money

At the same time, the Principality is among the countries with the lowest use of tobacco on a daily basis and the fewest episodes of binge drinking in the last month among 16 year olds.

The ESPAD Monaco 2019 supplementary report is available from the website

The European report is available at:




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