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18 May 2022

Monaco takes part in two special meetings on consequences of Ukraine conflict as part of WHO and UN Human Rights Council sessions

OMS-CDH Ukraine

The Principality took part in two special meetings devoted to the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine:

- A special session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (on 10 May 2022);

- A special session of the UN Human Rights Council (on 12 May 2022).

At the request of more than 40 countries, including Monaco, and at the initiative of Ukraine, a special session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe was held on 10 May to discuss the health situation in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

WHO has deployed staff throughout Ukraine to supply equipment, medicines and ambulances, and to coordinate the work of those providing healthcare on the ground, as well as to record and document attacks on the health system. In his speech, the Regional Director Hans P. KLUGE also hailed the courage of healthcare workers in Ukraine. The Regional Committee adopted a resolution co-sponsored by the Principality, in which it expressed its solidarity with the Ukrainian people and condemned all attacks on healthcare workers and facilities.

On 12 May 2022, a special session of the UN Human Rights Council was held in Geneva on the human rights situation in Ukraine.

The session was organised in response to a request from Ukraine, which was supported by 16 member states of the Council and 40 observer states, including the Principality. The Council heard from Michelle BACHELET, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and other UN officials, who provided detailed information regarding the serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law that have been committed in Ukraine since the start of the conflict. The Council also heard from Emine DZHAPAROVA, First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, who spoke via videoconference from Kyiv. In the subsequent debate, the majority of delegations reiterated their condemnation of the violations of international humanitarian law and human rights committed since the beginning of the Russian offensive, and highlighted their concerns, notably in relation to the food crisis which now extends far beyond Ukraine. At the end of the session, a resolution presented by Ukraine and co-sponsored by numerous states, including the Principality, was adopted. The resolution calls on the International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine to conduct a special inquiry, consistent with its mandate, to address the events in the areas of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy.

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