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04 April 2019

"Moon-Art and Co" by Students of the Lycée Albert Ier

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As part of the Visual Arts programme for Year 13 classes, a number of students from the Lycée Albert I, who had chosen this subject as an option, devised a unique performance, which they have just presented to all the students and staff of their school. 

To mark the 50th anniversary of Man's first step on the moon, these students undertook the whole performance, entitled "Moon-Art and Co," as part of their Art History programme. 

Members of the audience therefore had the opportunity: 

-          to be involved in the process of creating a contemporary "cacodylate" work;

-          to immerse themselves in a lunar landscape;

-          to enjoy "lunar" food;

-          to plant a Monegasque flag in lunar ground, leaving their footprints, so this work remains "a small step for Man and a giant leap for Art."


These talented young artists will present their creations to the 2019 Baccalaureate jury next June.

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