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03 December 2021

Multilateral meeting to adopt “Psychological Stability and Wellbeing” mental health plan

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Didier Gamerdinger recently brought together all of those who helped to develop the “Psychological Stability and Wellbeing” mental health plan, which covers the next five years (2022–2027). The aim is to provide a response including health, medical and social services for people experiencing mental health issues, and to do so throughout their lives.

The plan is based on three pillars: promoting mental wellbeing, preventing and ensuring early identification of psychological distress and addiction, then guaranteeing coordinated care pathways supported by accessible, diversified, high-quality psychiatric services, and finally, continuing to improve living conditions and social inclusion, reintegrate people with mental disabilities and combat stigma.

This ambitious plan, written by the Department of Health Affairs, was developed in an innovative and collaborative way, emerging from the discussions of various working groups that involved all stakeholders in the Principality (Department of Justice, National Council, Monaco City Hall, Police Department, Department of Education, Youth and Sport, Department of Social Welfare and Social Services, Princess Grace Hospital, Office of Occupational Medicine, health professionals and various charities). It therefore offers a comprehensive view of the mental health solutions needed in the Principality of Monaco.

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