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12 February 2018

Notice from the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee

In accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of amended Act No. 1.389 of 2 July 2012 on the financing of electoral campaigns, the Electoral Campaign Audit Committee, which is called upon to meet after the vote of 11 February 2018 electing the members of the National Council, is responsible for preparing a report on the campaign accounts of each of the lists of candidates declared for this election.

The purpose of this report will be to ascertain whether the limit for election expenses has been exceeded and, if necessary, to identify any other irregularities.

The Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee, an autonomous advisory body established by the above-mentioned Act No. 1.389, which shall meet for this purpose, is comprised of the following seven members, appointed by Sovereign Order No. 6.611 of 19 October 2017:

-              Mr. Jean-Pierre Gastinel, President of the Board of Auditors, President;

-              Mr. Antoine Dinkel, State Councillor, appointed by the President of the Council of State,         Vice-President;

-              Messrs. Christian Descheemaeker and Jean-François Bernicot, members of the Board of Auditors, appointed by the President of that Board;

-              Ms. Muriel Dorato-Chicouras, Vice-President of the Court of Appeal, appointed by the First President of the Court of Appeal;

-              Mr. Étienne Franzi, appointed by the Crown Council;

-              Mr. Jean-Louis Cattalano, appointed by the Minister of State.

In application of Article 15 of the above-mentioned Act No. 1.389, the accounts must be sent to the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee by the financial representatives of each list of candidates within two months of publication of the results of the vote in the Journal de Monaco of 16 February 2018, i.e. no later than 16 April 2018;  they may, of course, be sent before that date.

They must be dated, signed and certified accurate by all the candidates on each list before they are submitted to the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee.

They must also be certified by a chartered or authorised accountant and must be accompanied by any supporting documents enabling the Committee to undertake its verification.

Article 15 of the above-mentioned Act No. 1.389 stipulates that the campaign accounts must be sent by registered letter with confirmation of receipt to the President of the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee or handed to the Secretariat of that Committee.

For reasons of efficiency, it is suggested that, preferably, each financial representative should personally deposit the campaign account with the Secretariat of the Electoral Campaign Auditing Committee, which will provide a receipt.

With regard to the supporting documents for expenditure entered in the campaign account, the Commission reminds you that:

- the originals of invoices, quotes, declarations, pay slips, etc., should not be presented in random or chronological order, but should be sorted by type of expenditure, in accordance with the order of the campaign account headings;

- invoices must include a detailed description of the various services provided (type, amount, date), distinguish between intellectual and material services, and must be accompanied by the following documents:  a contract between the candidate and the service provider, or failing that, a quote, specifications, or a statement of intent from the service provider;

- the documents should state the number of people involved, their means of remuneration, the nature of what they have undertaken, their charges and the schedule for providing whatever service is involved.

- Each invoice must include the number of the accounting entry in which it was listed and the means and date of payment.

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