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27 April 2021

Papillomavirus: vaccinate boys too

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections cause the majority of cervical cancers.

To prevent these cancers, the Prince’s Government promotes both vaccination and testing as part of the broader public health policy that is implemented in the Principality.

The HPV vaccination, which is already recommended for girls aged between 11 and 14 (with catch-up vaccinations available until age 19), is now also being recommended for boys aged 11 to 14, again with catch-up vaccinations available until age 19.

Vaccination is the only effective way to protect women

When it comes to protecting against sexually transmitted infections, the leading recommendation is often to wear a condom, but this does not reduce the risk of papillomavirus infection to zero, as the virus can be transmitted by simple contact. Thus, the only effective protection against such infection is through vaccination.

As the virus can be transmitted through contact, men can pass it on to women and vice versa. By vaccinating boys, we can protect girls and women who have not been vaccinated from infection and thus from the risk of cervical and vulvar cancer.

At what age should I get my child vaccinated against papillomavirus?

According to the latest recommendations from the health authorities, HPV vaccination is advised for both girls and boys aged 11 and up.

For children aged between 11 and 14, it is given in two doses, spaced 6 to 13 months apart. Both intramuscular injections are required for effective protection.

HPV vaccination is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended for girls (aged 11 to 14, with catch-up possible from 15 to 19 years) and boys (aged 11 to 14, with catch-up possible until age 19).

Who administers the papillomavirus vaccine?

Vaccination is carried out by your doctor (general practitioner, paediatrician or gynaecologist).

You can also obtain additional information from your doctor.

Is the papillomavirus vaccine reimbursed?

The three vaccines that are generally used are reimbursed by the health insurance funds in Monaco at a rate of 80%.

If you do not have a mutual or other supplementary health insurance policy, the Prince’s Government will cover the remaining 20% as part of the current vaccination campaign.



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