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20 May 2020

Phase 3 in the gradual easing of lockdown in the Principality: restaurants, bars, museums and casinos to reopen on 2 June

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At the Ministry of State on Wednesday 20 May, Government Ministers Didier Gamerdinger (Health and Social Affairs) and Jean Castellini (Finance and Economy) announced implementation of phase 3 in the easing of Monaco’s lockdown, as the health situation is judged to be moving in a satisfactory direction.

On 2 June, business will resume in several sectors of the economy, on condition that barrier measures and physical distancing are implemented.

The following will therefore reopen on that date, with effective monitoring by the Government:

- Restaurants 

Staff must wear masks 

Bookings will be required

Tables must seat a maximum of 4–6 guests, depending on distancing capabilities

A distance of 1.5 m or physical separation is required between tables

Menus must be displayed on boards/posters or available digitally on smartphones

Individual condiments must be provided for each table

Ambient music must be at a moderate level

Valet services are permitted provided that contact surfaces are disinfected every time

- Bars

Clients must be seated

Maximum 4–6 people per table

No karaoke or live music

- Museums and exhibition halls with one constraint: access and visitor flow must be regulated using a one-way route around the exhibits.

- Beaches and sun decks: these are already accessible for active use; sunbathing will be allowed but there must be a distance of 1.5 m between towels and sun loungers, including between members of the same family.

- Some arts activities with reduced capacity, such as the Fort Antoine performances.

- Casinos and gaming rooms will need to ensure distancing and provide sufficient space between slot machines as well as separation at gaming tables; systematic cleaning of dice and tokens will be required.

- Convention centres.

- Individual sports, including competitive swimming. Team and contact sports will require a specific approach for each discipline, to be agreed by the relevant federations and the Department of Health Affairs.

The following will not reopen on 2 June and will remain closed until there is a further improvement in the health situation: cinemas (except outdoor screenings), discos, gyms and spa pools. Recreational swimming pools will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In conclusion, the ministers reiterated that “State support for companies, through the strengthened provisions for total temporary layoff and business support measures, will not be cut off suddenly and unilaterally, but will be subject to consultation with the National Council through the Joint Monitoring Committee.”

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