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11 February 2019

Press briefing on social issues

Didier Gamerdinger: Monegasque law and employee relations must move forward with the times

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At a press briefing today, Minister of Health and Social Affairs Didier Gamerdinger sought to address current issues relating to employment. 

“It is normal for unions to have demands, but I would like to clarify that they have regular and courteous dealings with the Government. I am in constant dialogue with the representatives of both employees and employers: that is my role and I am very attentive to it. Although differences of opinion may emerge, I take an open approach, always focused on working to ensure the country’s prosperity. I am mindful of not interfering with things which are working, and of ensuring that the delicate balances in the relationship between employees and employers in Monaco, which foster the country’s dynamic economy, are not upset,” he began. 

Monaco has 3,000 temporary workers and 13 temporary employment agencies. Temporary staff give various sectors of the Principality’s economy the flexibility and capacity to adapt that they need. Temporary employment is currently governed by statutory employment legislation. The adoption of a specific legal framework in this area would be a useful addition to the provisions in place, and work is underway within the Ministry to draft such legislation. It will be shared with employers’ associations and trade unions in due course. 

The legal framework relating to trade unions dates back to 1944 and is in need of modernisation. To ensure that it fits today’s reality, a review involving employers’ associations and trade unions will be launched with a view, in particular, to simplifying the processes for setting up unions and offering flexibility on term limits for union offices. During this review, the criteria for union representation will be discussed. 

Integrating digital technology into employee relations has become a vital task. With 55,000 employees and 40,000 work permits processed each year, it is essential to move towards a paperless approach, simplified procedures and the development of online services. This will involve changes to the law. In conjunction with the Country Chief Digital Officer, the Ministry has begun work on IT reforms which will make life easier for companies and employees.

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