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28 February 2018

Press release

The Minister of State has taken note of the open letter addressed to him by Mr Dupond-Moretti.

He will take the time to respond to the various peremptory allegations which have been made and to answer the questions asked.

Nonetheless, he is very surprised to see that SATRI, which has not hesitated to comment in the press while maintaining silence concerning the expert assessment under way, feels able to question a decision of the Government regarding property wholly owned by the State.

This decision is aimed at providing a response to an exceptional situation which is unprecedented in Monaco: Monegasques are being severely impacted in their daily lives by a succession of incidents affecting their homes. These incidents are not, unfortunately, limited solely to the damage reported by the company.

The Minister would like to point out that, contrary to the allegations contained in Mr Dupond-Moretti’s letter, the legal proceedings are not compromised by the commencement of work, and that nothing will prevent the courts from establishing each party’s responsibility.

The Government stands by the fact that it is acting diligently in the general interest and in the interest of the Monegasques affected.

It regrets that this company, which is merely defending its private interests, is not approaching the matter with the necessary calm, not least since at this stage, the State is intervening at its own expense paid in advance.

The Government would like to reiterate that the current proceedings are not dependent on the Government but on the courts.

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