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11 May 2018

The Department of the Environment Takes Part in the 5th Meeting of the Working Group on the Paris Agreement in Bonn

200 countries, including the Principality of Monaco, are gathering in Bonn until 10 May 2018 - DR

The Department of the Environment is taking part in the 5th meeting of the working group on the Paris Agreement, the first stage of a crucial year in combating climate change.  The aim of the meeting is to develop rules for the implementation of the Agreement, which must be finalised for consideration and adoption by the Conference of the Parties to COP24 at a meeting to be held in Katowice, Poland in December 2018.

In this respect, almost 200 countries, including the Principality of Monaco, are gathering in Bonn until 10 May 2018.  This session is devoted to continued work on drawing up the rules for various subject areas:

  • new guidelines for national contributions;
  • new adaptation guidelines; 
  • terms, procedures and guidelines for the enhanced transparency framework;
  • worldwide review;
  • terms and procedures to ensure the smooth running of the Committee to facilitate implementation and promote compliance with the Agreement.

The meeting is also devoted to continuing the preparatory phase of the "Talanoa Dialogue," a term used in Fiji to describe a dialogue that builds trust through empathy and understanding.

The Agreement provides for a first worldwide review in 2023, but the international community is encouraging States to submit their revised commitments by 2020.

For the Paris Agreement to be implemented in practice, many decisions are expected at COP24.  The Agreement refers to general principles and objectives; it is therefore a question of establishing a set of applicable and detailed rules on the basis of these principles, in order to:

  • harmonise the content and timing of States' national contributions;
  • organise the five-year worldwide review of efforts to reduce GHG emissions;
  • establish the transparency and monitoring framework;
  • structure the mechanisms for international cooperation and financial solidarity.

These numerous technical points must be decided upon in 2018 to facilitate political dialogue between States.

As a reminder, in order for the Paris Agreement to become operational in 2020, COP24 must complete two processes in 2018:  defining all its operating rules and the first review of the efforts announced by the States.

The climate issue is now being discussed around the world to expedite the consideration of climate risk by the economic, industrial and financial sectors.  Many summits and conferences, high-level working groups and sectoral initiatives are taking place and numerous reports are being published.  All these help to encourage investors and companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

200 countries, including the Principality of Monaco, are gathering in Bonn until 10 May 2018 - DR

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